First in the Montgomery Sisters' Mystery Series, this is the introduction to the fine folks in Joshua Creek, NC.  Old bones appear floating on the lake and the Sheriff enlists the aid of Bee and Honey Montgomery, retired school teachers to help solve the mystery.  The year is 1961.  There is no twenty-first century technology to aid in solving crimes nor communicating in a timely manner.  Welcome to old school techniques and small town community living.


Second in the Montgomery Sisters' Mystery Series, the year is 1963.  It is a year that marks major changes in the US and no one goes untouched, inculding the inhabitants of Joshua Creek, NC.  They suffer national tragedies as well as some closer to home.  As in real life; births, deaths, and relocations interrupt the flow of status quo.  Bones appear in unusual places to guide the Sheriff and the Montgomery sisters through another mountain mystery.


A romantic comedy set in TEXAS that begins with "once upon a time" and ends with "happily ever after".  Mosey on over to the cafe or the VFW on a Saturday night to socialize with the folks from Dunmare.  They'll tell you all about their families and the crazy antics of their wild and mischief-filled children and friends.  The laughs are non-stop in Dunmare.  Harmony Grettz says, "Come on y'all, we're here waitin' for ya!"

Corrie Anders' Great Adventure

A child's chapter book that tells the story of  a nine-year-old girl who makes a wish on a ladybug and meets her grandmother in a very magical way.  They share adventures under the protection of a very special weeping willow tree.  A fun and mysterious read for little girls of all ages.


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