Ode to a File Drawer

Ode to a File Drawer

Joyful tidings when I see thee, trusted file drawer, loyal friend.

You hold my most precious treasures; kept in safety deep within.

You among all others chosen to protect my lifelong quest,

From my youthful bursts of talent to my aged musings' best,

For this honor you were chosen to conceal, reveal, conceal,

What my hand has put to paper over decades of my zeal.

Every lyric, every poem, every story written down,

Over decades you've protected in your folders safe and sound.

You are faithful, brave and honest, giving service tried and true.

Where else could I store my passion, if I had not such as you?

I spent some time with other writers in a writing group at our lovely little local book shop. Ode to a File Drawer came from one of our meetings as my interpretation of the writing assignment for that day. If you are interested in writing, I strongly suggest joining such a group to challenge your perspectives and inspire new ideas. I was joyfully surprised with the writings that flowed from my fingers while surrounded by a shop full of books and a group of other writers.

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